Why Do You Need To Clean Industrial Grease Traps?

With so many people packing into cities in larger numbers, problems that were once barely noticeable have become more prevalent. One of those problems is increased grease and oil in the city water treatment systems.

Why is it a problem?

Greases and oils are being poured down drains in ever-increasing amounts. People have become used to just cleaning their pots, dishes, and pans with stronger, more effective soaps, which removes these substances but then washes them into the sewer lines.

Once grease and oils make it into the lines, they cool and harden. Over time, this buildup can constrain or even completely block the pipes. Then, wastewater stops going where it is supposed to and starts ending up in other places, like your house, your place of business, or public or private neighborhoods or industrial areas.  Raw sewage is pretty nasty and can carry all kinds of contaminants, bacteria, and other stuff that must be treated and removed before the water can be reused.

How can you address these substances?

The best way to prevent these problems is to keep grease, oils, and similar substances from ever getting into the pipes or sewer systems. For homes, this involves pouring grease, oils, and fats into containers and throwing them away instead of washing them down the sink. You can also use drain baskets or strainers to catch larger fats and food particles.

For industial buildings, the concept is similar. You should have grease traps installed to keep industrial lubricants, grease, and other clogging products from getting mixed back into the sewer system. These grease traps are often not something that you can just pull out by hand and clean yourself, however. Over time, they become full and need to be emptied, cleaned, and replaced. Also, even the best traps don't catch everything, so the pipes that carry away waste material should also be periodically cleaned.

What can you do to clean industrial traps?

Most industrial grease traps are gravity traps, where the grease floats to the top, the heavier substances sink to the bottom, and the wastewater remains in between and is then pumped out of the trap. These traps must be emptied, so it is best to hire a vacuum service to come and remove the grease and heavier particles from the trap. If the grease trap is not vacuumed, it will fill up over time and become less effective or even clogged.

Regular pumping and vacuuming can minimize the amount of blockage and reduce the chance of grease or other substances making it through the trap and into the sewer system. Contact companies like Tierra Environmental & Industrial Services to learn more about vacuum cleaning services.

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